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Our values

You bring the project, we’ll bring our values.
And a mean cup of tea or coffee.
Our values

This is where the magic happens – discussing your idea then coming up with a whole bunch of ideas and whittling them down to find the nugget that could really work.

We want – nay, need – to know all about you.
Ok, maybe not your shoe size... just what you do, who you do it for, why you do it and how.

They* say people buy from people and it’s so true – our clients like us, we like them and together we get the job done.
No fuss, no jargon, just straightforward communication + brilliant creativity.
*Dunno who 'they' are but they are right!

What we do

We make businesses look good, in print and online.

We listen and get to understand your organisation, values and aspirations. With you, we’ll work out what you need in your marketing toolkit, to aid your aspirations. It could be a brand refresh, a website that actually works and everything else in between.

For stuff we don’t do in-house (like photography and video) we know really clever people that do. We’re all for collaboration, so you can be as involved as you like and we’ll manage the project from concept to delivery.



Making your toolkit work:

research + plan
online + offline strategy
communication calendar
review + revise



More than just a logo!

mission + vision
logo design + guidelines
tone of voice
identity systems



All the good-looking stuff:




Your online shopfront:

planning + strategy
PHP + ecommerce

What our clients say...

Our folio

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Who we are

We’re a wee team with big ideas and oodles of experience from across the creative industry.

Our clients tell us they like us, what we do for them, how we do it and the impact design has on their business. Which is just as well, as that’s what gets us up in the morning! We’d love to be part of your story and for now, here’s a bit about us:


Julie Diver


A designer by trade, Julie set up 39steps in 2003 and continues to be the main gaffer when it comes to meeting new clients. She also runs Edinburgh-based charity Kids Love Clothes which helps struggling families across the Lothians. Aside from work, she's mildly obsessed with shoes, Scandi noir, her two small boys and red wine. Not in that order, of course...


Steven Thomson


Steven started in publishing and freelanced before heading up the creative team of a training company. As well as an illustrator, Steven is a major car geek, and is a tragically accurate resource on all things motor-related. If you’ve a spare 911 kicking about, let him know (a real one, not a Lego one. Or a Matchbox one).


Liam Haig


Liam has been designer and developing for 12 years, working on games and commercial web projects for SMEs to government organisations and multinational companies. In his spare time, he can be found visiting cafés and bistros around European capital cities, sipping coffee and sampling various types of cake. He has been known to bake a rather scrumptious szarlotka.


Laurence Diver


Laurence has been fascinated by all things webby since he was 10. ‘How did they do that, then?’ has motivated him to learn how to build all kinds of sites. With a masters in technology law, he's an aspiring Linux geek, likes Open Source, instrumental music, reading the paper and strong tea. He's also a concrete5 Community Leader and Core Contributor, meaning he's contributed to and developed a deep knowledge of the CMS.



All rounder

You are an enthusiastic, innovative lover of tech and want to work in a buzzy studio on interesting projects with great people… aren’t ya?!More info...

Latest news

Muffin Review May 18, 2016

​Today's muffin experience was akin to meeting a staunch Belarusian woman on the Aŭtazavodskaja line of the Minsk Metro.

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We're hiring!

It’s an exciting time for the business as we’re providing new services for our existing clients, as well as taking on new clients. We’re looking for the right bod to join our wee team and bring their spark into our buzzy, friendly studio in Morningside. ​Is that YOU?

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…And yes, there ARE 39 steps up to our office! But that’s sheer coincidence…

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