25 Oct

SOON - It is coming, GDPR will affect us all!

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Wednesday 25th October 2017

The General Data Protection Regulations – or GDPR – is new legislation which governs how businesses can use people's data. It comes into force on 25th May 2018 and you’ll hear about this a lot. We can help.

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2 Oct

Alliance AGM

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Monday 2nd October 2017

New brand on display at Scotland's International Development Alliance's AGM.

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30 Sep

Jura jiving

  • By: Laurence
  • Posted: Saturday 30th September 2017

Laurence has been on the beautiful and remote Isle of Jura, playing with the Edinburgh Samba School...

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25 Sep

More ruddy cyclists!

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Monday 25th September 2017

As a motorist and ardent petrolhead, I understand how frustrating sharing our roads with cyclists can be. As a cycling commuter, I see the other side of this. Beyond the frustration, lies a truth, and it’s a truth that many car enthusiasts will struggle with.

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